Burghley 5*

30-September-2019 17:24
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by Admin

Well Burghley didnt quite go to plan.

Wii Limbo aka Woody was heading their for his 5th Burghely. He arrived and was settled and happy, the normal hack around the park and iconic picture over the ears in front of the horse.

He was number 25 to Thursday lunchtime dressage. He trot up as per usual on Wednesday was the highlight of Woodys day and he was jumping and leaping like an idiot but sailed through. He had been working beautifully and continued to feel super through his dressage warm up. He has always preformed well and Burghley and therefore always gives me confidence going well, and as hoped he produced a foot perfect test to score a slghtly diappointing 31.0 but overall lay well after both days of dressage.

On Friday we gave him a little jump to keep him in turn for the XC on saturday and with some leaps and squeals we survived.

Saturday morning he was happily grazing with Anya who was grooming for me, whilst I went to walk the course agian before I got ready. I had a phone call to head back to the stable and poor Woods had gone back in, had a roll (which is normal) and pulled something in his back adn was very sore. We got the vet and physio out the check him and although he had not seriously hurt anything, as his muscles had gone into spasim we decided to withdraw and save him for another day and planned to re route the Blnehiem 4* - two weeks later pending the phsyio treating him a couple of times at home.

But we let him rest at Burghley saturday night and headed home sunday morning. He was very happy and settled and Sunday morninng looked much brighter and trotted up sound before we left!!