Team "Goss" Day 2023

22-November-2023 11:04
in General
by Admin

We had a great Team Day here at Team Goss and we were so lucky and got a lovvely sunny day!!

A huge thank you to everyone who came it was so lovely to see everyone, we was great to be able to use the new "Show room" area to keep everyone warm!

Thank you to my 3 grooms, Shauna, Iain and Rhiannon for having the horses and the yard looking perfect! Also a massive my mum and dad, for having the place look amazing and handing out and helping with drinks.
There was plenty of food and drinks all round and the horses, Lulu and Crunchie were happy to show off their new exercises over some of the Jump for Joy fences.
The horses will now be going out on their holidays and will come back mid December and then we look forawrd to welcoming everyone back for another Team Day in 2024!!
For now Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year