June 2018

19-July-2018 11:25
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The gorgeous HOMERUS owner by Sam Wilson, jumping another lovely clear at a Novice level.

My beautiful 5yo Polly producing at 28 double clear for 6th place. A old ride of mine, VENDI FOX owned by Jemima Stewart has returned to compete alongside Jemima, having his first run of 2018, finishing 2nd with a 27 double clear!!

Nunney International
It was great to have my Badminton Barbie Pony out competing. Suzanne Doggett’s HALLTOWN HARLEY was having his first run back and was happy to be out, posting an accurate dressage for 28 and jumping a foot perfect double clear to finish 3rd in the OI.
Lucy Fleming, Molly Fishers and Sue Vintcent’s COOLEY LEGALAND continues to show how exciting he is at his second CIC**. Still a few green moments in the dressage and SJ, for a 37 and a fence down, but a really classy clear XC making it feel far to easy for an 8yo! I am so excited about his future!!

Farley Hall. 
Wii LIMBO was having his first run back since Badminton. A couple of added moves in the dressage arena, including stopping to scratch his leg in the walk, but an easy double clear in time.
COOLEY LELAND owned by Sue Vintcent, Molly Fisher and Lucy Fleming produced a good test, sadly lost a shoe and skid down the combination in the SJ, but then flew around the XC well inside the time finding it very easy!
VENDI FOX owned by Jemima Stewart was having his first BE100 run of 2018. Struggled a little with the flies, but a super double clear and would have finished 3rd but was HC.
Next was the Novice horses.
HOMERUS owned by Sam Wilson, continues to impress. A steady test, one down SJ and a clear XC in time, around the toughest XC course he’s ever seen to finish 7th.
TOP HONOURS also owned by Sam. Again, an accurate test, one down SJ and flew XC clear in time, to finish 5th.
But the star of the show was CALVIN owned my Sue, Molly and Lucy. A leading dressage of 24 and a faultless double clear in time to WIN by nearly 10 marks!!!
A huge thank you to Lydia, Laura, Connie and Amy for keeping everything moving both days!!