June - Training and First competitions since lock-down

19-June-2020 16:16
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by Admin

Well this has definitely been a more exciting month as we have managed to get out and about in the lorry.

Our first 2 trips were to Wayfarer to go XC schooling. We took 5 horses both times and it was really great to get them out, they all behaved beautifully and thoroughly enjoyed their time out.

Next we headed to Summerhouse to hire the show jumping course, this time we took 7 of the more experienced horses - thankfully I also have a little 2 horses can so it has enabled us to take more horses. It was nice to have a jump around a course, although I am very lucky to have a course at home on the arena and on the grass it certainly sparks the horses up a bit to have them in more of a competition enviroment.

We then went to Rectory with younger horses, it was the first time I have been to rectory for a while and I had forgotten how nice their facilities are. All the babies had a play around the course of SJ but also they have a couple of simulated XC fences out which was also great practise.


It was then time for the real thing, an actual competition..... Although it has been about 30 degrees for the last 3 months, on this day, the first day back competing and its torrential rain. But that certainly didnt dampen our spirits and what an amazing day it was.

The Future Partnerships “Headleys Cosmic Twist” wins the Discovery and DC for 3rd in the 1.05m

Susy Watts “Homerus” 2nd in the 1.05m

Molly Fisher, Lucy Fleming and Nicky Cooper “Uppercourt Cooley” wins the 1.15m and finishes 6th in a fast 1.20m.

Molly Fisher and Lucy Flemings “Cooley Legaland finishes 2nd in the 1.15m

Suzanne Doggett “Halltown Harley” fights off all the show jumpers to win a very fast 1.20m


It was so lovely to be out and a huge thank you to Rectory farm Arena for holding!!