Bicton 5*

16-October-2021 10:07
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by Admin

September signals the end of Summer and that we're nearing the end of the eventing season.  In normal years it also means Burghley and an end of Summer 5*.  

With Burghley off the cards it was time to pack our bags for a Devon holiday instead!Bicton 5* The team at Bicton, ERA, the EHOA and BE did an incredible job to put a 5* on in 11-weeks.  Bicton certainly was a true 5*! It may not have had the tens of thousands of fans and the shopping, but the track was big and bold and worthy of a Burghley replacement.

Suzanne Doggetts Harley was looking and feeling amazing and so ready for the challenge ahead.  As we went in to the dressage the commentator gave us a lovely introduction, maybe a little too good an intro and the relatively small crowd got quite excited, which sadly made Harley a little bit tense.  He did a good test but we were a little disappointed with the score.

On to Captain Mark Philips cross-country and Harley was simply incredible.  He was up on the minute markers and was really taking on the track.  Sadly the terrain took its toll and the fuel in the tank started to run dry.  He is such a superstar there was no point trying to carry him home for the final few and we decided to retire and walk home early.  A disappointing end to our 5* campaign but it was the right decision for our special boy and he finished happy, fit and healthy!

Harley will now be let down and have a holiday for 8 weeks and will then be picked up and prepared for the 2022 season, which will hopefully include Badminton!!!