23-October-2017 0:00
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by Admin
What a fab day at Solihull. A super event, perfect ground and a friendly team!
COOLEY LEGALAND owned by Molly Fisher, Lucy Fleming and Sue Vintcent, led the team of horses with a 33 double clear for 3rd in the ON.
HOMERUS owned by Sam Wilson – produced a beautiful test and a classy double clear for 5th (sack the rider for going to fast)
And the beautiful TOP HONOURS also owned by Sam Wilson, scored another good dressage of 28, 1 down SJ and clear XC in the time for 6th!! Such good boys!!!
Tu and Amy were keeping everything on track at the event and Hannah holding the fort at home!!

Great day at Wellington
TOP HONOURS aka Jimmy, a lovely test and a double clear for 2nd place in the BE100!
COOLEY LEGALAND, 31 dressage, a pole SJ and clear XC in the time for 8th place in the intermediate.
LSS LANZAROTE, still a bit green for 38 but a double clear inside the time in only his second intermediate for 10th place. Sadly Sunny is now for sale.
And last but not least my super duper star…… HALLTOWN HARLEY. His first run back since winning the 3* in Austria, a quiet test for 32 and a classy double clear, I only planned to hand canter round but Harley said it was all too easy and we went a bit quick!
Overall a fab day and back tomorrow with BLUSTEREN!BLUSTEREN – absolutely class at Wellington in the Advanced. An improving dressage. Rider error caused a frustrating 4 faults SJ but a class XC clear. So proud of him!!!