18-July-2017 0:00
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Well, we are home and I feel just about back down to earth. What a week, I still can’t really believe it, but my gorgeous HALLTOWN HARLEY made a lot of dreams come true for me this last few weeks. I have so many people to thank that have made it all possible. To Dickie Waygood and Philip Surl for not only picking me to compete but also for the support throughout the week. Philip was an amazing Chef d-q and kept myself and my to amazing team mates, Kirsty Johnson and Alice Dunsdon in the loop.

My mum of course for driving out and looking after Harley to perfection for the week. Sue Leeson for helping to drive the lorry and looking after all of us including Kirsty and Alices girls, Jenny and Shelly.
To my dad for planning the route, sorting all the details, the sat nav, and the lorry as well as getting 2 new tyres a few hours before we left….. My sister for her support and being a super physio for me.
The girls at home, Tui, Hannah and Mimi for keeping everything running smoothly so I didn’t have a thing to worry about whilst I was away.

My trainers, Angela, Henriette and Yogi who have all taught and supported me for years and years and put up with all my highs and lows.

Harley’s amazing owner, Suzanne and of course co-pilot Jane……. who without them I wouldn’t even have this superb horse, they flew out and supported me every step of the way and cried their way through the national anthem.

And of course all my incredibly supportive owners of all my horses at home and my sponsors who have been messaging and supporting all week and have never doubted me!

And last but by no means less, the amazing Harley, I have only had him for about 9 months and he is genuinely the most perfect horse anyone could wish for. He always gives 110% and I don’t think would ever let me down. If it ever didn’t or doesn’t go to plan it would never be down to lack of effort on his part. He always tries his best and for that I can always be thankful and proud of him.

Harley was completely amazing!!
He tried his heart out, he’s not the flashiest mover but he was accurate and correct and I’m so proud of him. He scored 51.2 and lies in 10th place out of 48 competitors over night going into the XC tomorrow!!!
Team GB
I literally have the best horse in the world.

Suzanne Doggett’s HALLTOWN HARLEY jumped an incredible clear to be the fastest of the day with just 8.4 faults faults to go into the lead!!!! I love him so much! As a team we lie in 3rd!! Fingers crossed for tomorrow’s Show Jumping!!!

HALLTOWN HARLEY confirms what I believed that he is truely amazing!
He only went an won the CIC*** in Austria!!!!