April Eventing 2017

10-April-2017 0:00
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The love affair with CAPTAIN FUTURE continues. Superstar boy produced another great test to score 45 in the CIC**. I stuffed up a fence SJ so 4 faults to add, but stormed around the XC like an old pro to finish 10th!!! What a superstar!!

BLUSTEREN too, is ever improving. A PB dressage score for us of 48 still with so many mistakes, a very frustrating fence down as I seem to have 4 faultitis, but he too stormed XC making it feel far to easy, with just a handful of time which pushed us out the top 10, into 11th place.

And last but not least the very very consistent COOLEY LEGALAND in the Novice, 31 dressage and a super double clear just 1 second over the time to finish 7th!
A massive thank you to all my amazing owners, sponsors and support team. I could not do this without you, my boyfriend Toby for co driving and Kerryn for super grooming over the weekend and of course to mum, Tu and Anya for keeping things running at home!!

So proud of the boys at LARKHILL.

The horses were great at Portman. CALVIN scored 30.3 in the Novice and jumped an easy double clear inside the time to WIN the section!!
HOMERUS aka Jaffa was competing in only his second BE90, a few wobbles in the dressage but a good score of 29.5 and a lovely double clear, annoyingly a few time for going to fast pushed us out the top 10, but I’m delighted with him!

CALVIN was a super star in the Novice, with a 30 dressage and an easy double clear in time for 2nd place.

Then today I was back with my gorgeous babies. HOMERUS aka Jaffa cake was an angel in his first BE100, a 29.5 and seriously classy clear sj, then a bit of a green moment at the ditch XC, otherwise a nice experienced round where he learnt a lot and showed his potential for the future.

And last but not least SAN SOLO, his best test to date in terms of the way he went and a foot perfect double clear in time for 4th. I absolutely love this horse and think he’s going to be outstanding!

Gosh I’m lucky to have these horses. Huge thank you to Sam who owns Jaffa and Solo and to Lucy, Molly and newly on board Sue who own Calvin. Dad for driving and Tu and Sue for super grooming over the two days and Mum for keeping everything running at home!!!