July 2021

11-September-2021 8:05
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July started with the long and wet trip to Keysoe.  A venue that we haven't been to for a long time but has undergone a lot of investment making it a very worthwhile trip.

Keysoe International

Feloupe produced a 31.8 and Harley a 32.2 to sit in the top 20 and 30, respectively, of the CCI3*S.  The cross-country offered up a VERY decent 3* track that caught a lot out, so we were thrilled with 2 clears inside the time to finish just outside of the placings.

Uppercourt Cooley was the star of the day to finish on his 26.6 dressage, taking 3rd in the OI among all of the horses having their final run before heading off to Tokyo.


Another educational trip for Molly & Lucy's Wozniak and Sligo Just Touch as they gained experience in the Barbury main arena for the Nexgen 5-year-old qualifier.  They were both feeling a lot more established than in their first outing at Houghton and both produced very good scores in the cross-country section.  Sadly both rolled a pole which kept them out of the qualifying spots.

Johnnie Walker and Headleys Cosmic Twist headed back for the Novice and IN and both came home in the top 10.  Johnnie jumped a super double clear, just adding a few time to his very good dressage of 28 to finish 8th.  Meanwhile, Posy was in her first Intermediate Novice where she produced a very good dressage and an amazing cross-country round.  An uncharacteristic pole in the showjumping kept her out of the top placings to finish 5th.

Broadway UA

Another Horse Events event with the young guns where Sligo Just Touch and Wozniak both finished on their dressage scores to take 2nd in their respective sections.  Ozone also produced a very good dressage of 26 and jumped clear cross-country, just a 4-faults from the showjumping knocking him down to 4th.

All 3 boys grew in confidence since their first event at Swalcliffe and are proving to be very exciting prospects for the future.

Upton House

The rather warm trip to Upton was all about Fanta who jumped a lovely and steady double clear to take 10th.

Barbury - Cotswold Cup

More success for the young guns as they made their way back to Barbury, this time for the Cotswold Cup.  Wozniak took the win for Molly and Lucy, meanwhile Sligo Just Touch finished in 7th.  Ozone rounded off a great day with a 2nd place for Rachel.


Back off to Aston and a WIN in the Advanced for Feloupe.  A beautiful and accurate test and jumping her little socks off to finish just 2 seconds over time to take the win.  Such a perfect prep run for Burgham 4* and I couldn't have been more thrilled for Nicky, Lucy and Suzanne!

Fanta also made the trip to Aston for the Advanced and finished 5th in the same section with a super double clear.

What an amazing day that was!

To top it all off we went back with Headleys Cosmic Twist for her first Intermediate where she finished 5th!!

Burgham International

We finished the month with a long drive up North to Burgham for the 3* and 4*.  

Fanta made the long drive worth it with a WIN in the CCI3* completing on his 29.1 dressage.  We couldn't be prouder of this amazing unicorn and I was thrilled for Nicky and Lucy!

Feloupe and Halltown Harley were in the 4* and both produced good dressage tests.  Sadly Harley didn't like the wet going and lost a shoe early on which didn't help.  As a result he had his first ever cross-country fault so we decided to retire and call it a day.  Lulu on the other hand was full of confidence after her Aston win and made the 4* feel easy.  She finished just outside of the placings in 21st, in a very big section.