Renswoude, Holland

07-June-2019 10:56
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Renswoude, Holland.

This was our first visit to Renswoude and it was a really lovely event. Easy to find and good roads all the way there!

We had a good first few days at Renswoude with Cooley Legaland in the CCI3*L scoring 33.3 to lie 7th after dressage and Captain Future in the CCI3*S to score 30.0 and lie 7th after the first day of dressage, with another 30 competitiors to do. Sue and Mima had come out with me to help and support as Co drivers and super grooms!!!

It was absolutely amazing to have Captain here, he has had nearly 2 years off with a leg injury and just to have him back out eventing is amazing, but to be at this level, we are all so lucky! His owners Lucy and Molly have been so suuportive of both me and Captains journey!

After a lovely dressage test which lay in 14th after all 70 competitiors had been, Captain comes out to jump aa lovely easy clear SJ in the 3*S, one of very few overall in the class. I can’t thank his owners Molly and Lucy enough for their support with him!! This lovely clear around moved him up to 6th place going into the final phase.

There was very little difference between the two 3* course, with just 2 extra fences on approx 45 second loops to add the distance and time to the 3*L from the 3*S. Captain Future howver felt amazing and flew around the XC wiht a clear inside the time to move up the leader board to finish overall 4th in a very competitive CCI3*S section!! 

The whole team were aboslutely delighted!!

Next we had Cooley Legaland aka Eddie going XC. He too felt amazing, there were a few troubles on the course and people struggling to make the time, but Eddie is a quick horse and doesnt waste time and he come home clear XC, 14 seconds inside the optimum time to move upto 2nd after XC!

A good sleep for all the team and both boys were sound and happy SUnday morning. Captain was finished and just had an easy day sleeping anf grazing. Eddie passed his trot up and we had to wait until 4.15pm to SJ. In 32 degree heat is was certainly very warm. But it was a great way to finish off the week at Renswoude with Cooley Legaland jumping a lovely round, 2 fences fell in the very influential SJ round and completing the CCI3*L and held on to his 2nd place.

Now for the journey home and a well earned rest for the boys!! Lovely for his part owner Molly to have watched every step of the way!!

A huge thank you to Mima and Sue for playing driver, mum, friend and groom for the week!!