May 2019

07-June-2019 10:42
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The younger horses have had a bit of a ceash course with a couple of events close together!!


A very early but lovely day at Aston!
We had 3 horses in the BE100.
Headed by The Future Partnership’s HEADLEYS COSMIC TWIST. A 32 double clear in time to finish in 6th place! She has really started to come into her own this year and showing what she’s capable of!
Next Molly Fisher and Lucy Flemings FUTURE MILESTONE doing his second ever event and definitely understood what was expected of him today. 32 double clear with just a couple of time pushing him out the top 10!
And Natalie Royals BILLY CLARENZA did her usual accurate test, sadly 2 fences down as she was rather keen but another clear XC in time!!

It was definitely worth the 3am Start!
Mima and Lyds on hand at the event and Tiff keeping everything running at home!
It was great to have lots of owners here today and lovely to meet some new ‘Future Partnership’ members! Always lovely having new people joining the team!


Super star ponies at Tweseldown

The ever consistent BILLY CLARENZA owned by Natalie Royal, lay 3rd after dressage on 31.5 and held her place with a double clear inside the time.

The Future Partnership’s HEADLEYS COSMIC TWIST scored 34 and with a very consistent double clear inside the time for 9th place and next heads to her first Novice.

And Molly Fisher and Lucy Flemings FUTURE MILESTONE posted a 34 dressage and a much more secure double clear, and a few time faults held him just outside the top 10!

Thanks to Mima, Lydds and Toby super grooming with Tiff holding the fort at home!!