Badminton 2019

07-June-2019 10:39
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by Admin

Harley is happily grazing in the field having completed his second Badminton.

A bitter sweet day at Badminton....

Harley was the perfect and was an absolutely amazing from start to finish! Very frustratingly I came too quick to the Normandy Bank and Harley didn’t have time to read the hedge at the bottom! 
It was the best round I’ve ever had at Badminton! He’s a dream to ride and his owner Suzanne is a dream to ride for!! Roll on SJ tomorrow and then we have a very exciting next event with him!! What an amazing horse I have that I was told ‘wasn’t good enough’ but he’s proved otherwise and is turning into a serious horse of a lifetime!!!

This was my 6th visit to Badminton and having been lucky enough to take 2 horses in 2009 and 2 horses in 2017, this was in fact my 8th Badminton completition! (God I’m getting old)

Having had 7 clears XC up until this weekend, picking up a 20 penalties was very frustrating especially as I believe this was one of my best ever rides, but as I’ve been told, when you take risks to be competitive they don’t always pay off!

But Harley has continued to prove to me that he is now every bit a 5* horse by finishing the weekend with an amazing clear SJ today!

A huge thank you to the whole team behind me as without them I really wouldn’t be here!! Not only Suzy who owns ‘the perfect little girls life size Barbie Pony’ but all my other owners on the end of the phone and on site supporting me! My staff, who keep the show on the road at Badminton and at home! My family, sponsors, vets, farriers, physios, trainers, and World Class!

A huge thank you to Laura Tomlinson who has started to make her mark on my riding in the dressage arena, Dickie for his help and support over the weekend and of course to Anya who has had Harley looking incredible all week and attending to all his needy requirements!!