Summer 2023

03-October-2023 9:33
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It was great to be back at my first 3 day since having Archie and it was a First CCI2*L for Crunchie

Sligo Just Touch (Crunchie), owned by Molly Fisher and Lucy Fleming, produced a lovely dressage test with a few little mistakes, we did have a bit of a shock the morning that the bit rule had changed, and the previously allowed 12mm werent allowed and a lot of people were rushing around changing to 14mm bits, I sadly was one of those people. XC day came and Crunchie was a super star, the course caused enough trouble but he popped around very easily and well inside the time, I wasnt totally in control as he  is definitely feeling very confident. He came out sunday morning feeling very fresh and flew through the trot up, going on to jumo a lovely double clear in his first CCI2*L to finish inside the top 20.

Rain Stops Play

Feloupe, owned by Lucy Fleming and Suzanne Doggett, was due to have her first run of the season at Gatcombe, however sadly rain stopped play shortly after the dressage, thankfully we were at least able to get the dressage done and after the first few, she led the dressage on 31. 

A quick re-route to Aston (again in the rain) and another lovely test to score 30 and a hoof perfect double clear. Planned time faults prevented us from taking the win, but she is at Cornbury next and then Ballindenisk 4*L.


We made the long journey upto Burgham, with Headleys Cosmic Twist, Kojak and Sligo Just Touch.

First was Kojak in the 3*S, owned by Molly Fisher, Lucy Fleming and Sam Wilson, the ground was certainly feeling the effects of all the rain, but Burgham did an amazing job to run.
Kojak produced a super dressage to lie 2nd on 30, and jumped a rare double clear, a few time faults sadly cost us the win, but we were still delighted with 4th place in the 3*S.
Headleys Cosmic Twist produced a nice dressage, but sadly it wasnt well marked, so we made the decision to withdraw her and not risk her in the ground.

Sligo Just Touch, in only his second ever intermediate was a star from start to finish, he produced one of his best tests, feeling much more balanced, scoring 27! A faultless double clear in the time left him in top spot and really showed what an exciting prospect he is for the future!

Cornbury Young Horse Championships

What a stunning event Cornbury is and every year it gets better! Sligo Just Touch was competing in his first CCI3* as part of the 7YO Championships and jumped his socks off!! A good test for where he is in his training to score 34. He jumped a lovely round in the XC feeling pure class and finding it all very easy jumping a clear inside the time. On Sunday he flew through the trot up amd just added 4 faults from a very technical showjumping, to move up to 11th place overall.

Feloupe also had a great run in the CCI3*S to finish 8th, just adding a pole and a couple of time faults to a good test, and setting her up perfectly for the trip to Ireland.

New Horse - Welcome Zorro

We're pleased to welcome lovely MDsandyhill Zorro to the team, with thanks to Julie Skillin and Dudley Thompson for trusting me with him.

He's previously been competed to Advanced level but has had a knock to his confidence, and the plan is to gain his trust, rebuild his confidence throughout October and prepare for next season.

We started the new relationship with an easy win in the BE100open at Gatcombe.

Ballindenisk - What a trip

What a way to finish the month and the end of a rainy "summer" - a first international win for Lucy Fleming, Molly Fisher and Sam Wilson's, Kojak in the CCI3*L. He's has had quite a few international top 3 and he finally got the win he deserved!

Ballindenisk also gave us a 3rd place finish for Lucy Fleming and Suzanne Doggett's Feloupe, in the CCI4*L securing a crucial part of her Olympic qualification. She started strong leading the dressage on 29. XC she was a complete pro, sadly we picked up 8 time faults - neither of us were quite fit enough and definetely felt out of match practise at this level, so moved down to 5th after XC

She came out on Sunday morning and jumped her socks off around a tough track that only had 1 clear round. She rolled a couple of poles and moved upto 3rd place!!