Winter Dressage and SJ 2022

03-January-2023 16:11
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Winter 2022
We had a great couple of months where the hroses stayed in work to do some winter Dressage and SJ training before they went out on holiday. The weather is often so bad in December and January and can cause problems with establaishing things beofre the nect season.
A first trip out for Posy since Cornbury and she breezed round the Foxhunter to take the WIN.
It is so nice to make the most of the nicer weather and wind the horses down gently with some dressage and showjumping before they have a holiday in December & January.
A little trip to West Wilts for some ‘Pick Your Own’ dressage, where you have the option of your on BE or BD test and can select a long or short arena so its brilliant for the event horses to learn some of the tests for the following season.
Lucy Fleming & Molly Fishers's, Crunchie and Ozzie did their first Intermediate test BE115 in a short arena, scoring 69% and 66% and finishing 1st and 4th.
In the long arena, Kojak, owned by Molly, Lucy and Sam Wilson, scored 69% to finish 5th in Intermediate BE118.
The Future Partnership’s Posy was doing 4*A and scored 68% for 6th place, whilst FELOUPE, owned by Lucy Fleming, Suzanne Doggett and Nicky Cooper, was also doing 4*A and scored 72% finishing in 3rd.
Another trip to West Wilts and 6yo Ozzie danced his way to 74% in BE intermediate 115 at West Wilts!! And Posy also producing a great 74% to take the win!
Posy won the Foxhunter and finished 1.30m
Kojak won the 1.15m
Crunchie finished 2nd in the 1.10m
Ozzie finished 2nd in his first 1.15m
I was lucky enough to join Caroline Moore as a demo rider for her coaches training day at Unicorn. Always a good experience for the younger horses to see new places, we took Posy and Ozzie and were able to work on a range of exercises to help both the horses and myself and was all round a very eductaional day. The horses are now going to do a week hacking down and will the go out on their holidays 
The last competition of 2022 - PRESTIGE
Well the last competition of 2022 and it’s a winning one, with two 1st and a 2nd at Prestige BS! It has been a great winter so far with the horses all stepping up really well.
Now the horses are all heading out on holiday whilst Toby and I head off to Dubai!!