Winter 2018/2019

26-January-2019 16:58
in General
by Admin

We have had a great winter. Most of the horses had an earlier holiday and came in early.

There have been some old faces sadly sold, A horse I had had for 3 years, HOMERUS aka Jaffa has sold to a perfect home, but having had hims since a 3yo I was very sad to see him go.

ARDEO KOTO who I thought of huge amount of has gone to a young girl to play with and I really hope to see him winning Badminton Grassroots in a couple of years and then two young horses of my own, REDINAGH PERCISON 'Polly' and FUTURE GOLDEN 'Freddie' have both been sold to amazing homes and are going to want for nothing. ANd I cant wait to see how tey progress over the 2019 season.

So we have been busy doing some British Dressage with the horses still here.

CAPTAIN FUTURE 'Captain'  and COOLEY LEGALAND 'Eddie' have been busy at elementary level and have both succesfully moved up to Medium. Captain has been a star and continously scoring 68% + with wins nearly everytime out and even gettng a little write up in Horse and Hound.

Eddie was scoring high 60's at elementary and has scoed well with the move up the Medium with mid 60's but as he beomces more established I feel has the ability to consistently score in the 70%

Wii LIMBO 'Woody' has been as cheeky as ever even though he is 16 years old this year but has been on great form, he started with a few Mediums with god scores and quikcly progressed to Advanced Medium where he won both classes at Mount Ballan, and then went on to win at Summerhouse. 

I was then over the moon to do my first BD Advanced where we got a creditable score to win the class and he is now qualified to compete as Pris St George which has been an aim if mine for a while now so it was a very exciting day!!