The Season has Started!

17-April-2019 7:46
in General
by Admin

So the 2019 season has began!!


Wii Limbo and Halltown Harley both had fun on Thursday in the OI. With me trying to have a steady run on both, Woody behaving and Harley ignoring me as per usual to finish 7th!
The today, in the ON Cooley Legaland was super, a lovely test, forgot about fence 1 and 2, then jumped fab SJ round and flew XC! Captain Future is back, 29 and an easy double clear!!
Superstar ponies! Thank you to the whole team, Anya and Lyds at Tweseldown and Tu and Sophie at home!

Belton Horse Trials

What a great weekend! 
Headed by Lucy Fleming and Molly Fisher’s COOLEY LEGALAND who produced a super dressage and a foot perfect double clear inside the time in the CCI3*S to finish in 10th.
Also Lucy and Molly’s, CAPTAIN FUTURE was having his second run in just under two years to pop around the CCI3*S double clear to finish 15th!!
A lively HALLTOWN HARLEY owned by Suzanne Doggett, was rather too excited in the dressage, produced some super trot work but the canter work sadly included too much speed and two many mistakes, a rare pole down for ‘Harley’ as we were going rather speedily, but then we continued into the XC with an amazing and almost perfect round, just 3 seconds over the time to finish 19th out of 120 competitors!!
Huge thank you to Jemima and Abbie for having the horses looking perfect, and Lyds in charge at home!! 
Team Work Makes The Dream Work!!!

Great day for the younger ones at Portman Horse Trials! 

Jemima Stewart’s VENDI FOX a super relaxed test and a foot perfect double clear adding just 1.2 time faults to his dressage to finish in 4th place! What a great start to his season!The Future Partnership’s HEADLEYS COSMIC TWIST was literally flying. A bit wobbly in the dressage, 4 faults SJ as she felt the need to impersonate a helicopter but a speedy clear XC well inside the time!!
A huge thank you to Jemima for playing groom and owner today, and to my 2 amazing girls at home, Lydds and Abbie!!!

A very windy day at Larkhill

Jemima Stewarts VENDI FOX only had one leap a squeal in this test and went on to jump double clear in time. Sadly he was HC today as there was no ON but would have been 4th!

The Future Partnership’s HEADLEYS COSMIC TWIST produced a much improved dressage but interesting marking throughout the section from 19-55!! A pole down SJ as she was too bold and tried to take out a stride but then flew around the XC again finding it all very fun and easy!! Lyds and Mima had the horses turned it beautifully, my gorgeous boyfriend and his parents came along to watch with Abbie manning the fort at home!!

Ascot under Wychwood

A beautiful event and well run!

Natalie Royal’s BILLY CLARENZA has her first run of 2019, a super test of 29 and a lovely double clear adding a few time faults to finish 2nd
The Future Partnership’s HEADLEYS COSMIC TWIST is really learning each time out, a much improved dressage and a foot perfect double clear inside the time to finish 6th!!
Full team of supporters today, Jemima, Natalie, Toby, Ben, Marina and Alexa and of course the horses were turned out beautifully by Lyds!
Yard running smoothly at home thanks to Abbie and Midge!